0000322: [Matchmaker] Map Packs And Mods Map Viewer (IncaWarrior)
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0000378: [General] Simulation slows down with a lot of tornados (Brandan)
0000396: [Single Player] Duplication of spawned units from trigger (Brandan)
0000400: [General] Can't leave credits screen (Brandan)
0000409: [Single Player] Solar system view (Brandan)
0000389: [General] Damaged Land (Buildings) (Brandan)
0000393: [General] Damaged Building Smoke Missing (Brandan)
0000390: [General] World view RMB (Brandan)
0000399: [General] World view selection (Brandan)
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0000123: [Multiplayer] Allow 2v2 hostbots (Brandan)
0000212: [Single Player] Idle AI in level 11 and 19 (Red)
0000015: [Single Player] Tutorial Building Problem (Brandan)
0000144: [Scripting] The Script Command "GIVE_UP_AND_SULK" Causes Multiplayer Resync and Always Attacks the "Current Player" (Khickman)
0000116: [Multiplayer] Host's name is shown as needing to click ready (IncaWarrior)
0000213: [Multiplayer] Invisible CoR for players starting with no followers (Brandan)
0000194: [Multiplayer] Empty lobby (Brandan)
0000247: [Multiplayer] Crash on startup (Brandan)
0000179: [Multiplayer] Cannot Toggle Alliance in Multiplayer Game by SHIFT + Clicking Tribe Icon (Khickman)
0000033: [Multiplayer] Shaman and obelisk (Brandan)
0000022: [Multiplayer] Dismantle Enemy Buildings (Brandan)
0000174: [Multiplayer] Forge world crashes (Brandan)
0000143: [Multiplayer] Casting Lightning in Multiplayer Game while Shaman is in Prison causes Resynchronization (Khickman)
0000181: [Multiplayer] Allow the game to require 0 braves when using "limited shaman lives" (Brandan)
0000173: [Multiplayer] Stoneheads don't work online. (Brandan)
0000098: [Glitch] Scatter (D) Command glitch (Brandan)
0000164: [Glitch] F.40 Permanently hypnotised (Lakier15)
0000096: [Glitch] Fight dodge with guarding patrol command (lordpacco)
0000095: [Glitch] Autocast asks JNAV for permission. (Brandan)
0000094: [Glitch] Shaman stopping running because of casting spell. (Brandan)
0000093: [Glitch] Shaman casting spell to stop fire/damage. (Brandan)
0000092: [Glitch] Forcing shaman out of combat. (Brandan)
0000081: [Glitch] Training hut invisability (Red)
0000054: [Glitch] Units Uber Int overflow (Brandan)
0000211: [Glitch] spies destruct buildings (Brandan)
0000011: [Glitch] Building Crash (Brandan)
0000037: [Glitch] Forcing braves to push unit into water. (Brandan)
0000036: [Glitch] Forcing followers out of combat (Brandan)
0000032: [Glitch] Shaman and reincarnation site (Brandan)
0000035: [Glitch] Forcing shaman though small areas (Brandan)
0000047: [Glitch] Volcano freezing (Brandan)
0000198: [Glitch] Flatten on damage of low land. (Brandan)
0000038: [Glitch] Deleting building plans with towers. (Brandan)
0000330: [Automatic Crash Report] PopTB Crash! - 1480 - -1229542168 (Red)
0000324: [General] World View Building Icons (Brandan)
0000312: [Automatic Crash Report] PopTB Crash! - 1332 - 1463282919 (Brandan)
0000291: [Automatic Crash Report] PopTB Crash! - 1307 - 1463008840 (Brandan)
0000215: [General] Sky does not streach low enough on 1080 (Red)
0000102: [General] Casting teleport on a land boat will cause the shaman to infinitely swap places (Brandan)
0000214: [General] Cannot autocast on water. (Red)
0000255: [General] Fog of war does not reveal visited areas (Red)
0000256: [General] The land beneath a Vault of Knowledge glows when the land near it is altered (Brandan)
0000133: [General] Increase max objects limit
0000243: [General] Shift-clicking on Hut/Tower Icon doesn't always distribute followers (Brandan)
0000216: [General] Search for 1st pile of wood (Brandan)
0000254: [General] Wood Search Engine suxxxxxxxxxxx (Brandan)
0000117: [General] Wood and hills. (Brandan)
0000108: [General] Woodpiles don't burn (Brandan)
0000230: [General] Spies trained into other units can burn trees/wood/buildings (Red)
0000218: [General] Spies are able to chop wood from trees and pick up wood piles (Brandan)
0000226: [General] Preachers convert invis units (Brandan)
0000231: [General] AoD attacks allied up enemy FWs (Brandan)
0000223: [General] Can't build a Spy Hut near a Guard Tower (too far) (Red)
0000192: [General] Dismantle and braves unemployment. (Red)
0000110: [General] making enemy units move with your tower plans (Brandan)
0000209: [General] DAT Version 3 (DAT3) (Brandan)
0000145: [General] Inaccessible Tower (Brandan)
0000039: [General] Firewarriors not shooting at 64, 64 (Brandan)
0000111: [General] LUA Scripting Engine (Brandan)
0000208: [General] Resolution selection is broken (Brandan)
0000193: [General] Mod Manager (Brandan)
0000006: [General] Autocasting from Balloons (Brandan)
0000203: [General] Casting on huts addons (Red)
0000170: [General] Odd pathfinding (Brandan)
0000142: [General] Host option for pause settings. (Brandan)
0000148: [General] Zoom in/Zoom out broke. (Red)
0000178: [General] When ally quit transfer units/huts to teammate. (Brandan)
0000168: [General] Block File (Brandan)
0000171: [General] Right clicking on shapes/buildings does not work. (Brandan)
0000122: [General] Add option to turn classic gameplay bugs on or off (Brandan)
0000165: [General] Key_def.dat loading SPACE BAR NOT FUNCTIONAL (Brandan)
0000154: [General] Width draw bug (Red)
       0000048: [Glitch] Sky at high resolutions. (Brandan)
0000149: [General] Dialog Button Mouseover Effect Appears Broken (Khickman)
0000146: [General] OK button broke. (Brandan)
0000120: [General] Hypno crash (Brandan)
0000121: [General] Dismantle crash (Brandan)
0000115: [General] Allres by default (Brandan)
0000114: [General] No FPS Cap (Brandan)
0000045: [General] FPS to 60 (Brandan)
0000008: [General] Encyclopaedia and Pop-up Icons (lordpacco)
0000012: [General] Tutorial Fighting Problem (Brandan)
0000010: [General] Armageddon Crash (Brandan)
0000017: [General] Crash >Windows 8 (Brandan)
0000099: [General] Uses less CPU Patch 1.04 (Brandan)
0000097: [General] Autocast fails when targetting building (Brandan)
0000043: [General] FPS Drop with magic (Brandan)
0000004: [General] Chat while pause (Brandan)
0000049: [General] ARMA and CoR (Brandan)
0000135: [Multiplayer] Set chatting default filter to talk to ally (Brandan)
0000156: [General] Only the first 222 lines of the sky flashes red when you win (Brandan)
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0000582: [General] Add sound effect to beacon (IncaWarrior)
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0000195: [General] Units can glitch though into water by clicking on enemy unit in boat. (Brandan)
0000406: [Single Player] Armaggedon in sp with ally (Brandan)
0000407: [Single Player] Blue shaman in prison and lightning (Brandan)
0000408: [General] Freeing shaman from prison (Brandan)
0000411: [General] Crash on restarting level (Brandan)
0000410: [Single Player] AI not using vehicles in attacks (Brandan)
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