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0000179Populous: The BeginningMultiplayerpublic2017-11-29 16:32
ReporterKhickmanAssigned ToKhickman 
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Target Version1.1Fixed in Version1.1 
Summary0000179: Cannot Toggle Alliance in Multiplayer Game by SHIFT + Clicking Tribe Icon
DescriptionThe Populous Encyclopedia states that alliances can be toggled in a multiplayer game by holding SHIT and left-clicking the tribe's icon for which an alliance should be toggled. This worked in the final bullfrog build, but not in our code.
Steps To Reproduce1. Start a multiplayer game.
2. Hold SHIFT and left-click any tribe icon.
3. Observe that nothing happens.
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2015-09-26 14:08

developer   ~0000083

Updated the code to allow toggling of alliances in multiplayer. The bug was caused by a flipped boolean that only allowed the local game packet to be set for changing alliances in single player, but it was subsequently ignored because the functions which change alliances, when said packet is received, exits early if the multiplayer game flag is not set.

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