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0000110Populous: The Beginning[All Projects] Generalpublic2016-01-09 22:39
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Summary0000110: making enemy units move with your tower plans
DescriptionPlacing a tower plan with its door touching an enemy unit will make the untit move. Does not work on preachers or shamans. Only works on enemy units. Do this repeteadly and you can move that unit for a long mile. If the tower plan door is facing more than 1 unit, they all will move, but in different directions. There seems to be a pattern, if we do this repetidely (they will move south, or southeast in a line (maybe other directions too)).
Because they move in the same direction always, once they get close to reaching water, where you cant place a tower with the door facing the unit, they will not move anymore.
Steps To Reproduceplace a tower with its door facing an enemy unit (not shaman or preacher) to move it. do this many times.
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2015-07-28 19:47

reporter   ~0000027

You can stop a shaman from moving if you place it on the right spot

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