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0000203Populous: The Beginning[All Projects] Generalpublic2015-11-27 14:14
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Summary0000203: Casting on huts addons
DescriptionCasting a spell on a building addon (like the large hut's windmill, or those small huts near the fences of the actual large hut) can sometimes cause the shaman to cast that spell somewhereelse, usually for a particular addon of a particular hut, the shaman will cast the spell on a particular place.

That addon (windmill, etc) is also the only place where you can not cast a usable spell (like light, convert, etc (the casting icon will be RED, like you are out of range, or have no shots of that spell))

Steps To ReproduceTry to cast a spell on a windmill or other addon from large huts
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2015-11-27 13:58

developer   ~0000095

When we upgrade a hut, we delete a thing (eg: medium hut) and create a new thing (eg: large hut). However, the hut's addon was not being updated to point to the new thing, resulting in a potential "wormhole" when the old/deleted thing got reassigned later. Eg: if a spell was casted on the addon, it would be directed to the new (repurposed) thing.

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