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0000143Populous: The BeginningMultiplayerpublic2017-11-29 16:32
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Summary0000143: Casting Lightning in Multiplayer Game while Shaman is in Prison causes Resynchronization
DescriptionCasting the lightning spell in a multiplayer game where there are shamans trapped in prisons results in the game resynchronizing. Before the resynchronization occurs, players whose shamans are free will not observe anything other than the lightning spell being case. Players who have trapped shamans will observer that their, and only their, shaman will die.
Steps To Reproduce1. Start up a multiplayer game where there are shamans in prisons. Make sure the lightning spell can be acquired for use.
2. Free one of the shamans from the prison.
3. Have the player with the freed shaman cast the lightning spell anywhere.
4. Observer that the game will resynchronize.
Additional InformationThis bug was caused by a last minute hack in which casting the lightning spell checks to see if a shaman is trapped in a prison. If the shaman is trapped and is the current player's shaman, then she will be killed of. This was done for the losing condition on level 15, Incarcerated.
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