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0000897Populous: The Beginning8 Player Poppublic2021-09-19 02:29
ReporterDivinity Assigned ToKosjak  
Status resolvedResolutionfixed 
Product Version1.5 
Summary0000897: effect lava square won't burn units if set to neutral or hostbot
Descriptioneffect lava square won't burn units if set to neutral or hostbot, only if set to a color (neutral should burn like in 1.03)
Steps To Reproduceplace active lava squares (neutral)
send shaman (wont be burned)
Additional Informationif effect isnt neutral but belonging to a color, it burns "enemies"
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Build Number3520



2021-09-19 02:29

administrator   ~0000446

Trigger was defaulting owner to BLUE if all rules check failed (only in single player), however now it will default to thing's owner in MP & SP.

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