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0000850Populous: The BeginningScriptingpublic2021-07-14 07:40
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Summary0000850: Having FLYBY_SET_EVENT_ZOOM speeds up and ruins beta flybys
DescriptionUsing the popscript command FLYBY_SET_EVENT_ZOOM speeds up the flyby on the beta version of the game.
It speeds the flyby even if this command hasn't been called yet.
Steps To ReproduceUse a FLYBY_SET_EVENT_ZOOM inside a flyby, and see how commands such as FLYBY_SET_EVENT_ANGLE or FLYBY_SET_EVENT_POS stop working properly (being sped up)
Even if the zoom command hasn't been called yet, all the flyby will be affected from start.
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2020-12-01 02:05

reporter   ~0000388

test the beginning levels in SP (flyby will be very fast)

i realized the problem might not be due to the zoom command (idk how to edit the ticket).
the problem seems to be related to whether you start the level using the solar system, or using the level selector (speeds up if using level selector. but upon restart the level, speed is normal again)


2020-12-01 07:13

administrator   ~0000389

Very noticeable in level 9 right at start, restarting will give a different flyby speed. Issue most likely related to the fact you start in world view with first launch of level which causes conflict with flyby event.


2020-12-01 09:36

reporter   ~0000390

i saved middle flyby (it was sped up), and when loaded it was even more sped up
also later load games made flyby disappear

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