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0000745Populous: The BeginningScriptingpublic2020-08-02 01:36
ReporterKosjakAssigned ToToxicity 
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Summary0000745: More LUA stuff
DescriptionSome of stuff i thought of:
New functions:
get_player_name(PLAYER) - returns player's name.
set_player_name(PLAYER, NAME) - sets player's name.
create_shape(PN,ME/C3D/C2D/MAPIDX,BLDG_MODEL,ANGLE) -- similar to what you do when laying down plans, but done via scripting, additionally it will return Thing (if you declare a var for it).

Ability to draw tooltips with custom text in world at specified position for N duration.
Ability to draw sprites in OnFrame() hook.

Accessiable vars/globals:
access to - gsi.Players[PN].Flags
access to - NumPeopleInBalloons ; NumPeopleInBoats ; NumPeopleOfType
access to - worldinfo / playerinfo from ALT+H menu (for recoloring world view icons / alpha and such) ti'll be useful for modding tribe colors.
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2020-08-02 01:36

developer   ~0000364

Implemented everything starting from commit/25f3fa8b.

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