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0001310Populous: The BeginningMultiplayerpublic2021-12-08 05:14
ReporterNationkid05Assigned ToKosjak 
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PlatformWindowsOS10OS Version21H1
Product Version1.5 
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Summary0001310: Guard Post - Shaman melee
DescriptionWhen attacking with the shaman in melee, if you place down a guard post it can make the shaman exit combat

When re-engaging combat the animation is super fast and there is no inital push either - Not sure if damage is increased either.

It appears to occur with warriors and braves too but no were near as effective as they tend to push in their combat etc so its mostly just Shaman that can be used to exit combat with this.
Steps To ReproduceGet the Shaman to melee then select and place a guard post down on the ground.
TagsGlitch, Multiplayer
Build Number4010



2021-11-17 08:26


Bug report.mp4 (44,259,223 bytes)


2021-11-17 08:27

reporter   ~0000457

Can also work when placing a plan down but its easier to do as a guard post.


2021-11-17 08:27

reporter   ~0000458

And have made a video to explain ^

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