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0001296Populous: The Beginning8 Player Poppublic2021-12-08 04:53
ReporterNationkid05 Assigned ToKosjak  
Status resolvedResolutionfixed 
Product Version1.5 
Summary0001296: Invisable logo on black tribes huts
DescriptionThe tower, spy hut and I believe balloon hut and maybe others have their black logo invisable and u can see the other side.
Steps To ReproduceBuild a hut anywhere using any type of wood lol
Additional InformationI did report this via F1 but was told that F1 reporting may not be working.
TagsGlitch, Multiplayer, Software
Build Number4010


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2021-10-23 03:16

administrator   ~0000454

Need others to confirm this issue , make sure game has default assets and no other mods installed, if it's mappack please tell which mappack it is, provide screenshots as well, devs don't have third eye


2021-10-24 02:25

reporter   ~0000455

I have tried to reproduce this bug but it seems fine now which is super fraustrating.

The time that this issue was noticed was on the 8 player capture the flag map and blacks tower logo was invisable and I could see right through it. I assumed this was the same bug that the multiverse launcher had in which all other huts for black were impacted also.

I am unable to locate the CTF map to test again for black but upon booting other maps as black the logos seem completely fine.

Don't mean to waste time, should have captured a picture or video. Might just be an issue on that map alone it seems but I cant find map to be sure.


2021-10-31 16:31

reporter   ~0000456

Managed to get screenshots. It only seems to occur on the CTF map and I do think the textures are a Pop original texture. Not sure if its really a major thing if just CTF but thought its worth noting incase a future map or such is done with what I think is level 25 texture from poptb

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