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0001098Populous: The BeginningMultiplayerpublic2021-03-26 09:48
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Product Version1.5 
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Summary0001098: Placing plans down in Multiplayer with Fog of War on makes the game run out of sync
DescriptionWhenever someone places down a plan in multiplayer with fog of war on the game desyncs. It doesn't seem to happen on each plan, but if you place plans down fast enough it will crash due to unrecoverable out of sync.
Steps To Reproduce1. Host a game with multiple players and turn on Fog of War.
2. Place down a hut or tower plan.
3. Desync and eventually crash :(
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2021-03-25 03:12

developer   ~0000425

Something I found out: it resyncs when you place a plan in an area that is fogged for the other player(s). If you place a tower plan in a location that is revealed to all it does work without resyncing.

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