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0001016Populous: The BeginningMultiplayerpublic2021-02-28 07:45
ReporterLovenji Assigned ToBrandan  
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Product Version1.5 
Summary0001016: Hotkeys Randomly Reset
DescriptionHotkeys randomly reset for players, resetting them is a laborious endeavour.

Suggestions include;

Why the hotkeys reset
Ways to quickly set hotkeys again if preventing the reset is not possible
Categorise hotkeys by function instead of alphabetically.
Steps To ReproduceRandom
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2021-02-15 19:25

administrator   ~0000401

I assume this occurs *during* game play was any menu opened such as the pause menu?


2021-02-16 02:52

reporter   ~0000402

Issue most commonly found at the start of games.

Second most common occurrence of the issue is on fat fingering multiple hotkeys at once seems to sometimes cause it to happen mid gameplay.

Turning Numlock off when hotkeys are bound to numpad will prevent hotkeys on the numpad being used until numlock is turned back on - I am aware of this and this is not part of this issue

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