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0000911Populous: The BeginningSingle Playerpublic2021-05-21 14:43
ReporterRalicarneAssigned ToKosjak 
Status resolvedResolutionfixed 
Product Version1.5 
Target VersionFixed in Version 
Summary0000911: AI tries to attack Vault of Knowledge
DescriptionWhen an ATTACK is launched to a location near a Vault of Knowledge the AI tries to attack it by moving their units behind the Vault of Knowledge. It looks like their units are patrolling on the spot right behind the Vault. Unless they're called to retreat these units are stuck there forever. The ownership of the Vault of Knowledge doesn't matter, they'll try to attack it if they own it.
Steps To Reproduce1. Make an AI launch an attack on a marker near a Vault of Knowledge in their own base. Make sure the ATKDMG value is higher than 1. The ownership of the Vault of Knowledge doesn't matter.
2. Watch the AI units go to the marker and look for enemies, after finding the Vault nearby they try to attack it.
TagsGlitch, Single Player
Build Number3545


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