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0000848Populous: The BeginningAIpublic2021-05-21 14:33
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Summary0000848: AI units disembark from vehicles on water, sinking
DescriptionAI units will disembark from the balloon or boat on water (at the destination location, where there was land before) - instantly sinking, if they were commanded to go there when land existed - but turned into water, as they traveled.

only happens to AI, not through human commands (unless, i guess, there are scripts that move the player's units - then, it would probably also occur).
so it affects mostly SP, but could also affect MP campaigns
but technically it's very rare to happen
Steps To Reproduce1 - have the AI sent unit(s) to a location (through scripting commands), using a vehicle (eg.: movie brave from island 1 to island 2 by boat)
2 - sink the destination (eg.: island 2) before AI unit(s) reach it

TagsMultiplayer, Single Player
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