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0001015Populous: The BeginningMultiplayerpublic2021-02-28 07:45
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Product Version1.5 
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Summary0001015: Can't unstick followers
DescriptionWhat Should Happen?

Using Campfires to spam move orders will allow stuck braves to skirt and shuffle slightly, allowing players to get their troops unstuck, or continue attacks

What Currently Happens?

No amount of spamming or clicking will help more the braves, they don't shift and shuffle ever. You can't unstick them.
Steps To ReproduceTo see what should happen;

Launch Pressure Point Playing as Green in 1.03
Convert the Base
Try to move wilds see what gets stuck
Unstick them with spam clicking

To see what currently happens;

As above but for beta
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2021-02-16 02:55

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This is intentional to prevent people from spamming braves across terrain they shouldn't be able to walk over or across.


2021-02-16 02:57

reporter   ~0000404

Perhaps it needs to be reworked then. It makes maps like PP significantly imbalanced and affects the professional community's willingness to embrace Beta. Green base gets an awful convert and loses even more to this, some 7+ braves

Agreed that this is bad map design and not beta's fault, but it's easier to fix in beta than change 1000 maps (on reflection we have too many maps).

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